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Quilts for Richmond Charity Project

In the summer of 2005, quilters around the country sent quilts to various projects that were distributing quilts to survivors from Hurricane Katrina. Quilting Adventures, with much help from many volunteers, sent 67 completed quilts to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. As the distribution warehouses closed down, we morphed our shop project from Quilts for Katrina to Quilts for Richmond.

Since then, Quilts for Richmond has made hundreds of quilts that have been donated to local charities, mostly to the YWCA Women's and Children's Shelter in downtown Richmond. Now as we prepare to move our shop (in August 2014), the time has come to take a break from our Quilts for Richmond and lend our support to another amazing local project with similar goals - Stitchers for a Cause. We have packed up our supplies and works in progress to pass along to the Stitchers, and they will add our projects to their own to continue to provide quilts to those in need.

Thank you all for your support over the years. And stay tuned! We will continue to do seasonal charity events at Quilting Adventures as we have always done. Next up will be our Tenth Annual Panty Raid this fall!


Quilts for Katrina

Quilts for Katrina Donations